Alt Protein Project Global Chapter Map

What Is "The Alt Protein Project"?

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is an international nonprofit reimagining meat production. The Alt Protein Project is a global student movement initiated by GFI that is dedicated to turning universities into engines for alternative protein education, research, and innovation. Students are the driving force behind the Alt Protein Project, which is building momentum at universities around the world. 

What Are Alternative Proteins?

GFI defines alternative proteins as meat, egg, or dairy products that are plant-based, fermentation-derived, or cultivated. They enable a food system that provides people with the foods they love — just produced without conventional animal agriculture.


Using plant ingredients to mimic and develop novel meat, dairy, and egg products.


Growing microorganisms to produce biomass (often fungi) and functional food ingredients like proteins, flavors, fats, and more!  


Cultivating genuine animal meat directly from animal stem cells.

The Davis Alt Protein Project Objectives

Fall Quarter 2021 First Year Seminar Group

1) Create and support alternative protein courses, tracks and programs.

2) Organize events that generate awareness and propel innovation.

Fall Quarter 2021 Better Meat Co. Tour
Fall Quarter 2021 BBQ

3) Build a fun, fulfilling and inclusive community for students and researchers.